Real estate in San Lorenzo al Mare

San Lorenzo al Mare is a popular tourist commune city located in the region of Liguria, Italy. The patron saint of this place is San Lorenzo. The population of this town is a little more than 1000 people, but, nevertheless, there is absolutely everything you need for a comfortable stay.

San Lorenzo al Mare was founded in the second half of the 12th century. According to ancient tradition, Mary Magdalene stopped in these places on her way from the Holy Land to Marsilia. Subsequently, a temple was built here, named after her. The Church of Santa Maria Maddalena is still active today, and if you find yourself in this town, you simply must visit the ancient temple. The feast of St. Mary Magdalene is celebrated here on July 22. And on August 10, San Lorenzo al Mare celebrates the day of the city and the patron saint of San Lorenzo.

These days, noisy and cheerful holidays are held here, which Italy is famous for. San Lorenzo al Mare is a true oasis of peace and quiet, known for its luxurious beaches. The beaches have modern basketball and volleyball courts, diving centers and tennis courts. There are cozy restaurants and cafes here where you can taste local gastronomic masterpieces. In the heart of this small town is the seaport Marina San Lorenzo. More than 300 boats and cutters ranging in size from 6 to 20 meters can be anchored in its harbor at the same time. Anyone can rent one of the boats and go on an exciting sea voyage along the coast, or even go to French Corsica.

The old town center will not leave indifferent even experienced tourists who have visited many exotic places on the planet. Here ancient history and modernity are surprisingly intertwined, which brings extraordinary flavor to everyday life. In addition, tourists are very fond of here and they always receive guests sincerely and with genuine joy. Today real estate in San Lorenzo al Mare is in steady demand among buyers. This is not surprising, because the mild climate and developed infrastructure make this town ideal for living. The town is gradually developing and becoming more and more comfortable.

By purchasing in SAN LORENZO AL MARE REAL ESTATE, you will make the right choice and make a profitable investment. Separately, it is worth noting the rather democratic cost of housing and extremely favorable living conditions.