Property in Andora, Liguria

Andora Lands is a city in Italy, located in the region of Liguria, in the province of Savona. The patrons of this place are the saints San Filippo apostolo and San Giacomo il Minore, and the day of the city is celebrated on May 3rd. The population of the city is a little over 7,000 people, but there is everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Since 1986, Andora has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award for the high quality of sea water in the city's waters without interruption. The coast of Andora is washed by the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The seabed here can be seen not only on calm days, but also when the sea is slightly stormy.

Andora is famous for its magnificent sandy beaches stretching along the entire coast. Also these places are ideal for diving. The rocky seabed here is littered with the remains of ships that sank during the Second World War. There are several diving training centers at the service of lovers of this sport. There is also a marina for boats and yachts, sailing regattas are regularly held. The most famous attraction of these places is an ancient castle built in the 13th century. Attracts tourists and the Roman bridge, built in the Middle Ages. Wildlife lovers can visit the reserve, where you can watch animals and birds in their natural habitat. Andora is suitable for visiting at any time of the year, but it is best to go here in the summer.

Life in the city is seething from early morning until late evening. There is nothing surprising in the fact that thousands of tourists from all over the Earth come here in the summer. Therefore, renting a property by the sea here may not be as easy as we would like. If you decide to go to this Italian town for a long-awaited vacation, you should take care of the rental in advance. This will allow you to find exactly those apartments or houses that will fully satisfy all your requirements. But with the start of the season, it will not be easy to find a suitable option.

In recent years, real estate in Andor has attracted increased interest not only from tenants, but also from investors. The reasons for the excitement are quite understandable, because an apartment, villa or land in this resort town is a really profitable investment. The sale of real estate acquired here in a few years will be able to bring very good dividends. Yes, and renting apartments or villas in Andor is in demand, which means that you can get a good income from this. The price of real estate here is growing every year, so if you decide to buy something here, it is better to do it now. At the same time, one should not ask the question “how much does an apartment or a house cost in Andor?”. The prices here are more than reasonable.