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Buy property in Varazze

Недвижимость в Варацце, Лигурия

The lively small resort of Varazze, located on the Ligurian coast of Italy, today is an almost perfect combination of modernity and history. The main wealth of this resort is the splendor of nature and a special romantic atmosphere, which since ancient times has attracted a large number of romantics, poets and artists.

Note that the surroundings of Varazze are quite different from the rest of the Ligurian coast, as there are a large number of rocky areas that attract with their beauty. You can be convinced of this already at the entrance to the city, when the meeting will be one by one pop up magnificent landscapes, alleys, vineyards, gardens and hills, which are pleasing to the eye and enhance the mood. Such a wealth of vegetation in the vicinity of the city will give you the opportunity to always pamper yourself with fresh fruits, young wine and excellent olives.


However, Varazze is famous for its historical heritage. So, for example, in the city it is simply impossible to pass by the monastery church of St. Ambrosius, built on the foundations of a much older building, of which only the campanella (bell tower) remained. The undoubted advantage of Varazze is its very convenient location. For example, Genoa airport is located just 20 kilometers away, which makes it possible to quickly and easily reach the resort. In addition, from Varazze, you can easily reach the French Riviera and the Ceriale water park, which will appeal not only to children, but also to adults.

Today, a large number of tourists come to rest in Varazze, but it should be noted that many of them fall in love with the local beauties so much that they purchase real estate here, which allows them to come at any time of the year in order to have a great time here. If you are from this category, then our company can offer you a wide selection of different properties in this small Italian city, which, we have no doubt, you will come very often and with great pleasure. Already now you can pick up something to your liking from the real estate of a small resort town. In this case, we can talk about both small studio apartments and luxury villas. However, no matter what property you choose for yourself, you can be sure that you will receive real estate in Varazze, which will be of excellent quality and everything for a good rest.

Apartment with pool in Varazze
€ 170.000

Apartment with pool in Varazze

Sales: Reference #4494

Apartment for sale in Varazze Furnished apartment with sea views in Varazze. Area 50m2, living room with kitchenette, bedroom with balcony, bathroom, basement. Parking space, communal pool with panoramic sea views.

Apartment in Varazze with private garden
€ 299.000

Apartment in Varazze with private garden

Sales: Reference #4463

Apartment for sale in Varazze Apartment in Varazze. Area 63 m2, living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom, two balconies 12 m2, climate control. Private garden 34 sq. meters, basement 13 m2.

Apartment in Varazze
€ 432.000

Apartment in Varazze

Sales: Reference #4449

Apartment for sale in Varazze Apartment in Varazze. Completely renovated and furnished with new furniture. Area 95 m2. Includes living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom. Large terrace with panoramic sea views. Garage,...

Apartment in Varazze 800 meters from the sea
€ 411.000

Apartment in Varazze 800 meters from the sea

Sales: Reference #4428

Apartment for sale in Varazze Exclusive apartment in Varazze. Completely renovated. Large terrace with magnificent sea views. Area 154 m2. Consists of: two living rooms, one of which opens onto a balcony overlooking the...

Apartment by the sea in Varazze
€ 196.000

Apartment by the sea in Varazze

Sales: Reference #4407

Apartment for sale in Varazze Studio apartment with separate kitchenette and sea views in Varazze. Located just 20 meters from the sea. Area 30 sq. meters. Fully renovated and furnished. Heating system. Air...

Apartment in Varazze
€ 464.000

Apartment in Varazze

Sales: Reference #4404

Apartment in Varazze For sale apartment 100 m2 in Varazze. Located in a condominium with a garden. Comprising an entrance hall, large living room, kitchen, two bathrooms (both with shower) and two bedrooms. Sold furnished,...

Apartment in a villa in Varazze
€ 190.000

Apartment in a villa in Varazze

Sales: Reference #4392

Apartment with sea views in Varazze Apartment in a villa with sea views in Varazze. Villa of 3 apartments, on two floors. Area 148 sq. meters. Comprising 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, corridor, attic, bathroom and...

Apartment with pool in Varazze
€ 616.000

Apartment with pool in Varazze

Sales: Reference #4317

Apartment with sea view in Varazze For sale apartment 82 m2 in Varazze. It consists of an entrance hall, a living room with a kitchenette and access to a terrace, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a small toilet.

Apartment with garden in Varazze
€ 304.000

Apartment with garden in Varazze

Sales: Reference #4310

Apartment for sale in Varazze Apartment for sale in Varazze. Located in a semi-detached house. Separate entrance. Consists of a living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms. Area 100 m2. Private garden. Alarm, air conditioning,...

Apartment in Varazza
€ 750.000

Apartment in Varazza

Sales: Reference #3790

Apartments in Varazza on the first coastline We offer to buy a large apartment with an area of 130m2 near the beach. Located on Via Torino in a house with an elevator on the fourth floor. It consists of an entrance hall,...

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