Buy property in Varazze

The small, lively resort of Varazze, located on the Ligurian coast of Italy, today is an almost perfect combination of modernity and history. The main wealth of this resort is the splendor of nature and a special romantic atmosphere, which since ancient times has attracted a large number of romantics, poets and artists.

Note that the surroundings of Varazze are quite different from the rest of the Ligurian coast, as there are a large number of rocky areas that beckon with their beauty. You can be convinced of this already at the entrance to the city, when magnificent landscapes, alleys, vineyards, gardens and hills will jump out to the meeting one by one, which delight the eye and improve mood. Such a wealth of vegetation in the vicinity of the city will make it possible to always treat yourself to fresh fruits, young wine and excellent olives.

However, Varazze is also famous for its historical heritage. So, for example, in the city it is simply impossible to pass by the monastery church of St. Ambrose, built on the foundation of a much older building, from which only the campanella (bell tower) remains. The undoubted advantage of Varazze is its very convenient location. So, for example, Genoa airport is located just 20 kilometers away, which makes it possible to quickly and easily get to the resort. In addition, from Varazze you can easily get to the Cote d'Azur of France and the water park in Cherial, which will appeal not only to children, but also to adults.

Today, a large number of tourists come to rest in Varazze, but it should be noted that many of them fall in love with the local beauties so much that they buy real estate here, which allows them to come at any time of the year in order to have a great time here. If you are in this category, then our company can offer you a wide range of different properties in this small Italian city, which, we have no doubt, you will come to very often and with great pleasure. Already now you can pick up something to your liking from the real estate of a small resort town. In this case, we can talk about both small studio apartments and luxurious villas. However, no matter what property you choose, you can be sure that you will get real estate in Varazze that will be of excellent quality and everything for a good rest.