Real estate in Ventimiglia

Real estate in Ventimiglia is in great demand today, Ventimiglia is a city on the border with France, and therefore many people want to buy a villa, house, apartment near the French Riviera and inexpensively.

To visit Ventimiglia and its territory is to take a journey through the history of Europe. Even in its structure, the city presents three different environments: archaeological, medieval and modern. The Balzi-Rossi (lit. "Red ledges"), excavated in 1846 and going on for decades, has provided evidence from the Neanderthal era to the Cro-Magnon era.


You can get to know the Balzi Rossi caves well thanks to the wonderful and detailed guided tours. The city served as the "capital" of the Ligurian tribe of Intemelov and a municipality during the Roman era. At its eastern end there is an open-air museum - Roman ruins, where you can admire a theater, well preserved, right down to the first tier of stands, Roman houses and baths.

Ventimiglia was also one of the first Christian dioceses, as well as the seat of the eponymous noble family. Then the city came under the control of the Genoese Republic, for which it was a strategically important defensive outpost. Located at the source of the Roya River, Ventimiglia is a border town and a link between Liguria and Provence; its surroundings, like Provence, are charming and rich in history, culture and art.

Medieval Ventimiglia developed on the Cavo hill; steep streets, stone arches, houses hugging one another are surrounded by walls of the 16th century. The main square, Piazza, is the majestic center of the city, where you can admire the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Mother of God, the "Canonics" monastery that arose on the ruins of an old castle dating back to the 11th century, and the Baroque church of St. Anthony the Great. The modern part of the city is developing in three directions: in the center, along the coast (towards France) and in the direction of Piedmont.

The price of real estate in Ventimiglia will suit any buyer!