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Brescia is a province of Italy that is part of the Lombardy region.
There are three wide lakes in Brescia: Idro, Iseo and Garda. In the northern part of the province lies the Adamello-Presanella range.

The architecture of Brescia is truly impressive. Various styles are collected here: from the Renaissance to the Baroque, from Venetian squares to the ruins of ancient Roman squares and incredible masterpieces of rock paintings.
In Brescia, you can go to Piazza Loggia, which very much resembles the majestic San Marco. Visit Piazza Paolo and Cathedral Square This square houses the New and Old Cathedrals with magnificent bas-reliefs and arches.

Here you can also see the Town Hall, the old theater and the house of the treasury. Brescia has a street of museums, which houses a variety of museums dedicated to the history and culture of the province. At the very end of the street stands the beautiful Capitoline Temple and Foro Square.
Be sure to see the churches of St. Giovanni, Mary Mira and Clement. From Chidneo Hill, explore the beautiful surroundings of Brescia and walk along the battlements of the Visconti Castle. Another place not to be missed is the Tosio Martingengo Pinakothek.