Real estate in Sondrio

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The province of Sondrio in Italy is part of the Lombardy region. The administrative center of the province is the city of Sondrio.
In ancient times, the Kamun people lived on the territory of the province, which were distant relatives of the Etruscans. In the south of Sondrio there is a wide, wide valley crossed by the Adda River. The region is also home to the mountain ranges of the Alps, the glaciers of which have a significant impact on the climate and economic development of Sondrio.
On the high mountain slopes there are tourist centers where you can spend a great time contemplating the majestic landscapes.

The province has a well-developed tourism industry, thanks to a wide range of natural attractions and colorful landscapes. For many years, guests from all over the world have come to Sondrio, supporting the sustainable development of the region.
The locals are slightly different from the rest of the population of Italy, due to some historical difficulties, as well as geographical isolation. Only the progressive development of the province in recent decades has influenced Sondrio's more open life.
There are many affordable properties on the territory, such as villas, estates and the like, which are surrounded by stunning landscapes and pristine nature.