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The province of Macerata in Italy, which is part of the Marche region. The capital of the region is the city of Macerata. Since 774, this area has been part of the lands of the Papal States.
Most of the landscape is occupied by limestone hills, as well as steep slopes with narrow valleys. The entire territory of Macerata is crossed by small rivers and springs that originate from the mountainous regions of the Apennines. Thanks to the mild climate from the Adriatic Sea, this region has become an excellent place for the development of agricultural crops.
Sandy and pebble beaches attract many residents of Italy and Europe to relax here, enjoying excellent views. The best developed is the service sector on the coast, where almost all guests of the province come. All along the coast, you can find a variety of properties where you can live a calm and interesting life surrounded by magnificent nature.
On the territory of this province, the outstanding Cardinal Giovanni Battista Pallotta was born in the town of Caldarola. The locals consider Julian the Stranger to be the patron saint of the city. Also a famous native of Macerata is the legendary flutist and wonderful composer Giuseppe Garibouldi.