Real estate in Campobasso

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The province of Campobasso is located in the Molise region of Italy. The center of the province, the city of Campobasso, is an ancient small town that sits on one of the many hills of the region. The city is also called the "main gate", which gives access to the entire region.
The picturesque countryside and unique architecture have long attracted tourists from all over the world to admire the magnificent views. Narrow small streets make up this whole tangle, which is called Campobasso, and above it, the ancient Monforte castle is proudly and majestically located. This whole picture: picturesque nature, a bustling small town and an ancient castle create the impression of unreality and full of fabulousness.
This province is considered one of the coldest places in all of southern Italy. In winter, the temperature drops from + 2⁰С, and in summer the thermometer reaches + 22⁰С. Precipitation falls here quite often, and November is considered the rainiest period.
The first thing to do in Campobasso is to go to Monforte. It was erected in 1450 on the site where an even more ancient fortress used to be. Several restorations after serious damage have slightly changed the original appearance of the place, and now it looks very nice and well-groomed. There are guided tours inside the castle, as well as a provincial weather station.