Property in Molise

This area of Molise is mostly mountainous and foothill. Even in the plains, rocky areas can often be found. Throughout the region, you can often see beautiful manor houses and villas that are fenced off by wide stone walls. The stone that was used for construction was taken from here by local farmers. There are practically no big cities in Molise. Small villages are located on the tops of the foothills. The closer you are to the seashore, the more people you can meet.

The region has a continental climate: summers are hot and sultry, and winters are cold. Heavy snowfalls regularly occur in mountainous areas. In the summer, precipitation is very rare. On the shores of the Adriatic Sea, the climate becomes much milder.

Locals love to live in small towns and villages. Lonely estates are very rare. Recently, Campobasso, the capital of the region, has become more and more, the population there is about 50 thousand people. The real estate market is starting to develop better, which allows you to buy spacious and comfortable apartments at affordable prices.

Molise is famous for its history, or rather the events that took place here. The region changed many owners: from the ancient Romans to the Samnites, Lombards, Saracens, Byzantines and Frederick II. During the reign of this ruler, the region got its name.

The largest enterprise in the region is considered to be a plant for the manufacture of engines for FIAT vehicles. There is a coral factory in Anogon. Knives are also very popular, as well as lace products from Tombolo.

In addition to beautiful landscapes, both mountain and sea, Molise is famous for its archaeological excavations in Larino, Altila and Pietrabbondante. You can visit the region in the area of Emmanuel II, the churches of St. Barthhalemus and George.