Property in Isernia

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The province of Isernia is part of the Molise region of Italy. The terrain of the province is very diverse: in the west there are predominantly flat plains, then the Volturno valley and the Mainarde mountain range are located. Thanks to the snowy mountain peaks, numerous small rivers flow through the territory of Isernia, such as the Volturno and Trinho. Officially, the province has existed since the beginning of 1970.
The province has been inhabited since the Paleolithic era, as can be judged from the excavations carried out by archaeologists. Ancient Roman culture also left its traces here, which have been perfectly preserved, despite many centuries. Most of the medieval buildings are also well preserved, even though during various wars in this province, and especially during the World Wars, the city of Isernia and the province itself were significantly damaged.
Most of the local population works in the service sector and in government agencies. Relatively recently, the industry in the region has also received good development. Also, as in the whole of Italy, the inhabitants are engaged in agriculture: they plant grain, olive groves and are engaged in the manufacture of food. There are several oil refineries. Real estate in the provinces is more than affordable, both in the form of spacious apartments and in the form of lovely estates and villas.