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The province of Cuneo in Italy is located in the Piedmont region. Previously, the territory was slightly larger, but after World War II, part of Cuneo passed to France, including the world famous monument Valley of Wonders, pre-Christian period.
The province is located on a mountain plateau through which flows the stormy river Stura di Demonte. The shape of the city of Cuneo is very much like a wedge, which is why it got its name.
Winemaking and brewing are well developed in Cuneo. It also produces some of the most delicious cheeses in all of Italy. Here they make varieties such as Grana Padano and Toma Piemontese. There is also a farm, the only one in the world where the so-called beer cheese is made. To create it, unfiltered beer of the Baladin trademark is added to fresh milk of cows.
Among the main places of the province are the Chiesa San Francesco monastery, inside which is the city's museum, the Palazzo Audifreddi, the Church of St. Clair.
The province is extremely popular thanks to its unique chocolate and rum sweets. Cuneo is home to the world famous Michele Ferrero, who created the brand: Nutella and Ferrero Roche.