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The province of Turin in Italy is part of the Piedmont region. The city of Turin is a very important and large center of both political and business life of the entire region.

The city is located on the Padanskaya plain, which is located near the Western Alps. The Dora Riparia River flows through the territory and flows into the Po River. The climate is similar to the Mediterranean, only precipitation falls for a whole year. It is very cold in winter and heavy snowfalls.
The province is rich in its culture. Here you will find a variety of art galleries, theaters, parks and museums. In Turin, you can find a large number of beautiful properties in a variety of styles: from Baroque and Rococo to Art Nouveau and Neoclassicism.
The biggest cultural breakthrough in Turin fell on the reign of the Duchy of Savoy, when it was Turin, not Chambery, that became the capital. This happened in the 16th - 19th centuries.
Italians often call the province "the cradle of Italian freedom", because it was here that famous public and political figures were born and grew up, who made a huge contribution to the Risorgimento, like Camillo Benso di Cavour. Here are located a variety of universities and gymnasiums, the main of which is the University of Turin, which was opened in the fifteenth century. The main symbol of the city is the Mole Antonelliana tower.