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The province of Vercelli is located in the Piedmont region of Italy. The capital of the province is the city of Vercelli, whose patron saint the locals consider Saint Eusebius.

In ancient times, it was the central region of the Ligur tribes. In the vicinity of the city, Hannibal, after crossing the Alps, defeated the Roman troops. Here, in 101 BC, Gaius Marius defeated the Cimbri, thereby saving the peninsula from the invasion of wild barbarians.
During the French Revolution, Vercelli came under the control of France, and only after the fall of Napoleon, the province again returned to Savoy.
After the announcement of Victor-Emmanuel, Vercelli immediately fell into the united Italy.
The main attractions of the provinces is the church, which was founded in the fourth century under the leadership of Saint Eusebius. The building was rebuilt several times, so what can be seen today is the result of the last renovation in the sixteenth century. On the territory of the cathedral is one of the richest libraries in Italy, which contains such publications as the Anglo-Saxon book by Vercelli and the manuscript "Visions of the Cross".
Every year since 1950, the Viotti Competition has been organized in the province, where pianists, opera singers and others compete with each other.