Property in Brindisi

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The province of Brindisi in Italy is part of the Puglia region. It is a very small province, the administrative center of which is the city of Brindisi. The territory of the province goes out to the sea coast, which is mostly rocky. There are also several clean soft sandy beaches. There are no large deep rivers in Brindisi, but the area is replete with small freshwater lakes with a large number of fish.
The province's economic development relies mainly on trade as well as agriculture. A small share is also occupied by construction small and medium-sized businesses.
Sea trade takes a special place in the life of the province. There are frequent ferries from Brindisi, which locals and tourists alike adore to use. Wine making is well developed. Among industrial enterprises there are chemical plants and oil refineries.
The delightful natural scenery of the province and the pleasant climate make Brindisi an excellent destination for the real estate market. Whoever wants to buy a villa or a manor in such a picturesque region?
In Brindisi, you should definitely visit the Oria Fortress, which was built in the thirteenth century by Frederick II.