Real estate in Messina

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The province of Messina is located in the Sicily region of Italy. It is closest to the Italian mainland. The capital of the region, Messina is considered one of the most important ports on the entire island.
The strait that separates the island from the mainland entered the legend of Odysseus: it was here that the hero passed Scylla and Charybdis during his incredible adventure.
The port of Messina is a real gem for the entire capital. Now it is almost impossible to notice the destruction that was inflicted on it during the major earthquakes, as well as the bombing of the Second World War.
One of the most popular places in Messina is the Cathedral, which was erected by eminent craftsmen in the 12th century. At the top of the cathedral's bell tower is the largest astronomical clock on the planet. It is also worth seeing the fountains of the province, which, as in the whole country, are a luxurious decoration of any region. The most famous fountain is the Orion Fountain, which was built by a disciple of the unsurpassed Michelangelo in the sixteenth century. Orion, son of Neptune, is widely believed to have founded Messina.
The largest summer resort in eastern Sicily, Taormina, is also located here. In addition to the warm sea and clean beaches, you can also visit the old Greek amphitheater.