Real estate in Palermo

Real estate for sale: houses, apartments, villas in Palermo

The province of Palermo is located on the island of Sicily in Italy. Palermo includes major cities such as Termini Imerese, Monreale and Palermo. It also includes the small island of Ustica, which is the most popular resort in Palermo.
Most of the tourists go to the provincial capital. It is home to the largest number of cultural and architectural monuments, along with Rome, Venice and two more cities. The city is also famous for the Mondello area, which attracts beach lovers from all over the planet. The climate of the province is mild and pleasant, which only enhances the experience of Palermo and helps develop the local real estate market. The demand for beautiful villas and estates is always at a stable level.
Not far from Monreale, you should definitely visit the ancient cathedral, which is decorated with a magnificent mosaic panel.
On the territory of the province, there is the Madoni nature reserve, which is famous not only for its beautiful landscapes, but also for excellent ski resorts on the Pizzo Carbonara summit and on the Piano Battaglia mountain.
Spa resorts are also well developed in Palermo, especially Altavilla Milica. Thermal springs near Termini Imerese are also popular.