Real estate in Ragusa

Real estate sales: houses, apartments, villas in Ragusa

The province of Ragusa, like its more famous neighbors, is one of Sicily's shining diamonds with its golden beaches, magnificent Baroque architecture and the vast olive groves that are so characteristic of southern Italy.
The province is located on the southeastern side of the island with the administrative center of Ragusa. The city can be conditionally divided into 2 different parts: the Upper City - noisy and modern, as well as the area in Ragusa Iblea, which is replete with magnificent cultural and historical monuments.
The most popular and beautiful sites are the Basilica of San Giorgio, Santa Maria delle Scale and the flowering gardens of Iblea.
It is worth starting your acquaintance with the local landscape from the sea coast. On the way, you will come across the town of Comiso with its 14th century castle, numerous coastal settlements with beautiful soft and clean beaches, and Modica, which is included in the UNESCO list because it is part of the magnificent Baroque Val di Noto.
The most beautiful place in Ragusa is Ispica, or rather its unique Cava d'Ispica Canyon, an example of magnificent natural perfection, before which any products and houses created by man fade away.