Real estate in Arezzo

Real estate for sale: houses, apartments, villas in Arezzo

The province of Arezzo in central Italy is located in the eastern region of Tuscany. The climate of the area is even and very pleasant. The mountains in the northeast surround the Casentino Valley from the cold winds, making the Valley known as one of the most pleasant and beautiful places in all of Italy.
The Arno River flows through the territory of Arezzo, giving life to a diverse fauna. There is a spacious National Park that protects rare species of animals and plants from extinction.
The province has a well-developed textile industry, as well as gold processing enterprises. But the intangible side attracts many tourists here: various architectural monuments of culture and art of the region glorify the area.
You should definitely visit the beautiful Piazza Granda, which has a unique trapezoidal shape and is sloped. In the southern part of the square is the Palazzo Cofani-Britzolari. Also worth seeing is Palazzo Lappoli, where Cosimo lived the first Medici. He commissioned the palace from the great architect Giorgio Vasari.
A wonderful monument of antiquity in the province is the Pieve di Santa Maria church, which is considered the most beautiful building of the Romanesque style.