Real estate in Pisa

Real estate for sale: houses, apartments, villas in Pisa.

Pisa is a province in Italy that is part of the Tuscany region. Only a small part of the province has access to the sea, but the area is rich not in seaside resorts, but in its uniqueness and splendor.
The province has the most developed agriculture, which attracts a large number of agritourists every year.
The cultural heritage of the province is rightfully considered the real treasure of Pisa. Even those people who are very far from the world of art and history know about the sights that are here. The most famous place in Pisa is its Leaning Tower. She, as well as the monuments of the Square of Miracles, were included in the UNESCO list.
But not only the center of the province is rich in wonderful works of art: here you can see a variety of defensive buildings, ancient temples, luxurious palaces, stately villas and spacious squares.
Also, various local festivals and fairs are often held here, where you can taste the products of Pisa's agriculture. The biggest celebrations are held in Pisa and San Miniato.
The province is the cradle and home of prominent figures such as Galileo Galilei, Andrea Pisano and Andrea Bocelli.