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The province of Pistoia in Italy is located in the Tuscany region and is landlocked. Nevertheless, the province gained the greatest popularity precisely because of the water: tourists from all over the world come here to relax and improve their health at the local mineral springs. The most prestigious and famous resorts are Monsummano Terme and Montecatini Terme.
The weapon brought no less glory to Pistoe: it became the birthplace of the first pistols, which got their name in honor of the province.
Today, Pistoia is engaged in more peaceful activities: gardening, spinning wool, and making musical instruments. The mountainous areas of the province are home to modern ski resorts. On the flat terrain, you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, and take a guided tour of all the iconic architectural sights of Pistoia.
In the small town of Pescha, tourists gather to see firsthand a million scarlet roses, as well as a wide variety of other types of flowers.
In the town of Collodi, you can visit the Pinocchio Park, where there are sculptures of all the heroes of such a famous literary work. It was in this city that the story about the wooden boy and his friends was written.