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The province of Terni in Italy is located in the Umbria region. The relief of the area has been perfected for thousands of years by the Tiber and Nera rivers, and at the place of their confluence with the Velino river, the Marmore waterfall is formed, which impresses with its natural beauty. The terrain in Terni abounds in its natural wonders, which are harmoniously inserted into a picturesque landscape with narrow valleys and shady forests.
On the mountain slopes, stone and simple oaks, hornbeams, pines, strawberry trees sprout, and near lakes and rivers there are mainly alders, poplars and willows.
Terni is the capital of the province. The locals consider the patron saint of Valentine of Interamnsky, whose relics are in the basilica named after him.
The inhabitants of Terni are especially eager to celebrate February 14, or Valentine's Day. Local authorities organize "love" marathons, give various awards, and vociferous troubadours sing songs on the streets of the city. A large number of couples in love visit Terni every year at this time. Such magnificent celebrations began to be held relatively recently, despite the fact that the legend of St. Valentine has existed for more than a century. The province has a well-developed real estate market thanks to its excellent landscapes and friendly people.