Most of the towns on the Ligurian coast of Italy are quiet, calm and a little sleepy

La Spezia stands out a lot from them. This is a cheerful, noisy and very lively city.

You can probably not understand where the whole day will go, what it was spent in La Spezia. Wandering with dreams and looking at temples, villas, shop windows, coffee houses, museums, looking into every gateway takes up a lot of time, bewitches and blur the concept of hours and minutes.

Even urban development, which is very different from the usual Italian, deserves close attention. The Umberto quarter is especially famous, it is recognized as one of the best working class quarters in the world.

And in La Spezia, there is very beautiful nature: steep, steep rocks, small cozy bays, stunningly fragrant pine forests, and all this is in the vicinity of the city.

Did you know that the bay on which the Italian La Spezia stands is called the Bay of Poets. And if now this city very often remains undeservedly forgotten by tourists, then once many famous poets came here to be inspired by the beauty of the region and the delights of La Spezia itself.

If you are interested in architecture, be sure to visit Villa Marmory, because it is considered the finest example of the so-called Ligurian floral style in the world.

Those who want to get to know the local life better should go early in the morning to the fish market in Place Cavour. Contrary to the name, they sell everything there: fish, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, spices, and flowers.

Especially great for travelers who travel to La Spezia in August. On the first Sunday, the city hosts the traditional Palio del Golfo festival. At this time, in the Bay of Poets, competitions are held between brightly painted borgo (this is the name for a special type of boats, or rather, old patrol boats).

And also in La Spezia, a very picturesque port in all of Italy. In general, I always like yachts and boats, especially when they are moored in large numbers. This gives the cities an extraordinary charm.

Be sure to visit this place, you will not regret it!