Beautiful region of Italy Lazio

Lazio is a region of Italy with diverse landscapes, skillfully arranged by nature so that people can enjoy the views and live in peace.

In the north, the mountains with their steep mountains and high peaks, reminiscent of the Marche. Other areas of Lazio abound in green dense forests, groves of olive trees, like in Umbria. The northern plains blend seamlessly with the Tuscan Maremma.

Thanks to the Tyrrhenian Sea, the coastal area of Lazio has a mild warm climate and cool summers. Deeper into the country, winters become colder and summers more sultry. On the plains, precipitation is not frequent, but in the mountainous regions it rains very heavily in spring and winter.

Despite the fact that the capital of Lazio is Rome, one of the most ancient cities in the world, the region had its name long before the capital. The name comes from the Latin Latium, where Latin residents used to live.

Rome, the capital of the region and Italy, has the best developed real estate market and hosts world fashion shows and film festivals.

Naturally, it is Lazio that is considered the main tourist center of the whole country: Rome alone has received and, I hope, will receive thousands of tourists from all over the world every day. Here you can see the Colosseums, the Pantheon, the Forum, as well as the Cathedral of St. Peter in the Vatican.

All along the coast you can find a large number of rich and fashionable hotels and restaurants for all tastes.

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