Let's visit the Italians

Italians rarely glue wallpaper. It is customary for them to paint the walls in white or a neutral color. So the Italians create a feeling of spaciousness and do not accumulate dust on the walls.

And they have practically no hallways. Usually you immediately find yourself in a large hall-living room combined with a kitchen.

Every self-respecting Italian believes that the bathroom must have a window, albeit very small and even tightly curtained, but it is necessary. I wonder why they love bathroom windows so much? To save electricity or romanticism?)))

Balconies are often converted into laundry rooms and boiler rooms so that the cars do not make noise, and the neighbors sleep peacefully, because they often start washing at night. Gas boilers are hung on the balcony, which, by the way, not only saves space in the apartment itself, but is also a safe place.