More than a year after the pandemic, how has the property market in Italy reacted?

How has the real estate market changed since the outbreak of the pandemic and what are the emerging trends in the sector.

According to analysts, the residential sector has shown resilience, especially in terms of recovery in transaction volumes.

Already in the fourth quarter of 2020, there was an increase in trading by almost 9% compared to 2019; this happened both in the capitals and beyond. The specialists expect a similar trend also throughout 2021, based on the strong demand that is growing in Italian cities for real estate. This outlook is likely due to the strong growth in private savings, the focus on housing during the pandemic, and the availability of mortgage concessions from lending institutions.

In general, as in all sectors, digitization is accelerating, benefiting platforms like Casavo that can simplify the user experience through technology by reducing physical contact.

Compared to other sectors, real estate is still not well digitized and most activities are still carried out in a traditional way, often not in line with the current needs of consumers and market operators. As a result, the opportunities are enormous and current trends represent only the first step towards more forward-looking changes that will affect all aspects of the real estate market.

Recently, we have seen many trends and technology investments in this regard: electronic home sales, alternative forms of financing for buyers, community-oriented platforms, real estate investment discovery aimed at savers, management software, data analytics aimed at operators sectors.