Properties in Olbia Tempio, Sardinia island - New residential complex near the sea

жилой комплекс Мирсине

For those who dream of buying cheap real estate in Italy and enjoying the unsurpassed Sardinia, Mirsine residential complex is the best choice. This residence is located very close to the sea, the legendary and enchanting aroma of myrtle essential oil hovers here, and the beauty of these places will not leave anyone indifferent. The nature here is simply dizzying, and since the factories and factories of the country are built in completely different places, you will never feel even a hint of the smell of waste here.

The town of Mirsine itself has its own legend. So, the story goes that one girl named Mirsine defeated her friend in battle, who killed her for this, because he could not accept defeat. The goddess Athena, seeing this tragedy, wanted to perpetuate the name of this girl in history and transformed her body into a bush, which was called Mirsine. Today it is known as myrtle.

A residential complex was built here and named Mirsine, it includes a hundred two-story apartments that have become part of the local architecture, culture and landscape.

If you want to buy inexpensive real estate in Italy, then Mirsine residential complexes are perfect for this, and it's not just about the total cost of the housing itself. These houses were built in accordance with all class A energy saving standards, that is, all electrical appliances significantly save electricity, which is very significant.

In addition, even if you do not plan to live in these parts, investing in Mirsine residential complexes is an excellent investment, where your money will not only be saved, but can also be multiplied, since real estate can also be rented out.


Location and service of the residential complex


Buying real estate in Italy cheap today has become easier, which was affected by the global crisis. Therefore, many of our compatriots began to look for something affordable, and not even for the purpose of moving to another country, but in order to invest their money correctly, and the Mirsine residential complex is very suitable for this. It is located on the first coastline, which is very much appreciated by the guests. The beauty of these places is simply impossible to describe - the line of the sky seems to dissolve on the horizon into the sea, so you can often see just an amazing spectrum of blue and its shades. Looking at all this beauty, one and the same thought comes to mind: “I will buy real estate inexpensively in Italy.”

Residential complex Mirsine has a very good location. So, just eight kilometers south of here is the famous city of Olbia. Also very close is the quiet and cozy beach of Marina Maria, where you can hide for a while from civilization and plunge into the world of nature. Not far from these places is the most popular beach of these parts - Porto Istana. Here vacationers are offered a wide range of entertainment - windsurfing, canoeing, diving.

The Mirsine residential complex itself has all the necessary equipment and equipment, which can serve as an alternative to the most beautiful beaches. There are large and spacious outdoor pools where you can relax with your children at least all day long and not be afraid that someone will bite them in the water.

Here you can buy cheap real estate in Italy with a well-established infrastructure. Nearby are bars, restaurants, supermarkets and even hotels, and all this is within walking distance from the residence. Thus, lovers of shopping and restaurants will satisfy their needs in full. And even if what the nearest Mirsine zone offers is not enough for you, it is very easy to go to the neighboring cities, where you will be amazed by the shops of local goods and the goods of local artisans.


Entertainment for everyone


It is difficult to imagine how much variety of recreation is offered by the area, which itself is limited in free space. That is why the sale of real estate cheap in Italy is so popular here. Here you can try your hand at diving and dive to the amazing bottom, where ships rest, which were swallowed up by the sea many years ago. A variety of night and day boat trips are prepared for romantics.

For sports enthusiasts, windsurfing or sailing is offered, which is popular especially on windy days. For those who are tired of the bustle and looking for peace and quiet, you can find solitude in hiking through local caves, bird watching, or during a horse ride along the picturesque beaches.

Connoisseurs of culture and history have not been left without attention, who can enjoy a variety of tours with or without a guide. Gourmet lovers can book special culinary tours and learn more about the intricacies of local cuisine. Those who do not like to stay at home even in the evenings can visit restaurants, bars and clubs for every taste. It also hosts concerts and theatrical performances. All this suggests that the purchase of inexpensive real estate in Italy can take place here.


This place will open its beauties gradually


Residential complex Mirsine is located next to a bay with white sand and is surrounded by amazing landscapes of the island of Sardinia. You can walk to the bay, just walk over the bridge that extends over a small lagoon. You can also enjoy the singing of birds. There are a lot of them here and they are protected by the state itself. Every evening fish swims into the lagoon, it is always very interesting to watch it, and the most daring spectators can even decide on a special fish foot massage. To do this, just put your feet in the water and the fish will begin to eat the keratinized layer of the skin. You will feel a pleasant tingling, and your legs will find their second youth.

This area is not devoid of cultural values. So, this zone has a rich history and legends. This was affected not only by land, but also by the marine life of the coast.

You will never cease to be amazed at the color of sea water. So, the sea is often turquoise, emerald, blue and even blue here. Not only the colors themselves, but also their spectrum will not leave anyone indifferent. All this is combined with countless species of fish and marine vegetation, which is brightly colored in different colors. And all this, in contrast to the white sand and rocky coastline, makes these places simply unique.

One cannot stop being amazed at the behavior of pink flamingos and local herons, of which there are a huge number.


We work without intermediaries


Acquisition of apartments in Mirsin is always transparent, as all work is carried out without intermediaries, directly with the owners.

Thus, you will receive an answer to any question you are interested in without delay and absolutely openly. When buying inexpensive real estate in Italy, you will receive not only the keys to your apartment, but also an instruction manual. That is, you will be told in detail about what the building was built from, what equipment is installed here and what are the features of its functioning.

Advantages of the location of the Mirsine complex


Since this residence is located quite close to the city of Olbia, Mirsine has a number of other advantages.

The local airport is served by a wide variety of airlines, both large and small. Here you can order a taxi or rent a car, as well as find out about the conditions of security and parking for your car.

If you are interested in cheap real estate in Olbia Tempio , then we are happy to help you with this. In order to get more information about this residence or about the conditions for purchasing apartments in your dream home, just contact us to arrange a personal visit to the residence. You will receive full information about the features of the residential complex and the conditions for its acquisition.