Property in Nice

Nice is the most important center of the French Cote d'Azur. Over the past 150 years, the city has experienced a strong demographic boom: its population has grown from 40 thousand inhabitants in 1860 to 350 thousand now, and if you include the territory of the periphery, you get almost a million.

The city, founded almost 2 thousand years ago by the inhabitants of ancient Marseilles, was originally called Nikaya, which indicated the victory over the Ligurian tribes who lived in the area. In the 7th century, he joined the Genoese League, and at that time he managed to expel the Saracen invaders from his territory. In the Middle Ages, Nice was an ally of Pisa against Genoa, and in 1388 fell under the control of the Savoy dynasty. With the exception of a brief period during the 17th century, the city remained under the influence of the Savoy dynasty until 1860, when it was ceded to the French state, in return for the help provided by France in the cause of Italian unification.

Tourism in this city, where thousands of foreign visitors come each, mainly from the USA, England, Russia and the Scandinavian countries, arose in the 30s of the XX century. The old part of the city area, with a clear medieval imprint, developed in the port area, while the newly built modern area stretches along the Bay of Angels, where the famous promenade - the English Promenade is located. In addition to the Roman ruins, you can visit the Museum of Modern Art, the Matisse Museum and the Pablo Picasso Museum (in nearby Antibes).