Legal ways to immigrate to Italy


Are you still thinking of moving to Italy? Tired of these allowed to stay in the country: 90 days in half a year and 180 days a year?

You have decided on serious steps to obtain permanent residence in Italy! Where to begin? I will tell you about the general rules, but situations can be very individual, each case is considered taking into account your nuances of life.

A temporary residence permit (Permesso di soggiorno) or residence permit is an option for living in Italy for a long time with an indication of the period of validity. What is good about this view is that you can receive services and enjoy the rights on it: get an identity card and a social security number, which makes it possible to receive medical care, open a bank account.

Life situations that give the right to obtain a Residence Permit when moving to Italy: employment, business and investment, long-term business trip, training, internship, starting a family, questions of children, political asylum or questions with religion.

Periods for which a Temporary Residence Permit in Italy is issued:

- one year for those who study and retrain in Italy

- six to nine months for seasonal work

- from one to two years for business, work and family reasons.

- three years for investors

Where and when to apply for a residence permit extension - the next article is about this.

The topic of obtaining a residence permit in Italy is much broader, so I will continue to share the intricacies of this procedure.

Have questions? Ask, I will answer.