Do you like animals? Great, then this article is for you!

In this article, I will talk about the rules and regulations for keeping animals in an apartment, condominium or apartment building.

Undoubtedly, the rules of the condominium provide for all situations related to the keeping of animals and will help to live in friendship and harmony with neighbors.

What is a “pet” in terms of the law? Undoubtedly, these are dogs, cats and parrots, but what about exotic animals, rabbits, ferrets and so on?

And here's the nuance - the rules may prohibit having exotic animals in the house - the Italian law does not classify them as pets.

What are the legal requirements for a pet owner?

The law obliges:

-all dogs must be registered with the Anagrafe Canina (dog register) with microchip identification

- animals must receive all necessary vaccinations

-Every pet must have a medical record from a certified veterinarian.

Owners must:

- make sure that the animal does not harm other people or property

- so that their animal does not stain or spoil the property of neighbors

- according to the rules of the condominium, the freedom of movement of animals in the public area is determined by strict rules

-dogs must always be on a leash no more than 1.5 meters

- dog owners are required to carry a muzzle with them

- monitor the hygiene of the animal, its accessories and the space in which it is located

-the owner of the pet is responsible for any disturbances and inconveniences that their dog may bring to others when barking loudly

-Always remember and follow the rules stipulated in the charter of the condominium and try to be tolerant and respectful of others.