Regions of Italy, where to buy property?

Considering Tuscany

  Every tourist knows that Italy is divided into northern and southern parts.

Northern Italy is an industrial region and an economic center of the country.

South of Italy, mainly an agricultural region.

Therefore, when considering options for buying real estate, take into account the range of average prices by regions of the country from 1000 to 6000 euros per square meter, while the southern part of Italy, including Sicily, is valued lower.

Accordingly, the north of Italy is Lombardy with the capital in Milan, Liguria-Genoa, the coastal regions of Lazio, the capital of Rome and Tuscany, the capital of Florence in these regions, housing prices are the highest in Italy.

  In the following articles I will go through all the main regions of Italy and briefly tell you where and at what price you can look after a house or apartment.

Tuscany, center of the Florence region. The average cost per square meter in Tuscany is 25,000 euros per square meter. m. But, if we consider Florence, then even in one city taken there is a wide range of housing costs - from 1,500 to 5,000 euros per sq. m. m. depending on the distance from the city center.

But not everything is so simple))) In Tuscany there is a pleasant seaside town Forte dei Marmi - a place where the rich and famous from all over the world consider it prestigious for themselves to acquire a villa or an apartment. Forte dei Marmi has a very steep rental market: villas are rented at an average price of 5000-7000 euros per week.

Tuscany is also very popular with Italian buyers. The region is famous for its beaches, there are many sea and thermal resorts, charming landscapes, as if descended from the paintings of the classics, a calm, measured way of life, old towns - and all this in combination with the highest quality infrastructure.