The greenest cities in Italy

Which Italian cities are the greenest? Let's figure it out together. This is my opinion, but you can add your own.

If you consider the cities of Italy that are sensitive to their surroundings and consider them to live in which is easy to breathe and where the ecosystem is respected, then you should consider the region of Trentino-Alto Adige. The greenest city in the ranking is Trento, with Bolzano in third place. Mantua in the Lombardy region is in second place.

Milan is "greener" than Rome. It is ahead of the Italian capital in terms of plantings and ecosystems.

Unfortunately, at the bottom of the ranking of the greenest cities in Italy, we see everyone's beloved Sicily, its several cities, of which Catania takes the last place. Vibo Valentia and Syracuse remain out of rank due to lack of data.

Among the data used to determine the most environmentally friendly city are indicators related to the 2030 Plan goals, namely, improving transportation, urban green space, air quality, waste management and road safety.

So, here are the five greenest cities in Italy.

  1. Trento
  2. Mantua
  3. Bolzano
  4. Pordenone
  5. Parma

But I want to say that San Remo, where I live, is the most beloved, beautiful and green city in Italy

Do you want to live in the green city of Italy? In which? Let's take a look at the options! Write to me, I will select the best option for you in Italy!