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If you have decided to buy property on the Cote d'Azur in Italy, then you will probably realize the full responsibility of this event. And, of course, you would like a person who will help you not only find the apartments of your dreams, but also save money, to work on finding real estate, preparing all the necessary documents.

How to choose a real estate agent on the French Riviera and in Italy?

1. Be sure to ask the realtor whether he works with real estate constantly, or engages in activities of this kind as a side job from time to time. Our real estate agency is located in the San Remo region of Liguria in Italy. In fact, we have been engaged in real estate in this region for a long time, we know many Russian-speaking real estate agents well. And we are well aware of how rich real estate activity is, how much it requires attention to itself, constant analysis of the Italian market, the study of innovative technologies and sales methods. From our own experience, we can say that combining real estate activities in Italy with something else is simply unrealistic.

If a person tells you that he is a real estate agent just for the sake of entertainment, that he has the main job, you should not count on a high level of professionalism in the provision of services. Even if such an agent asks for a lower price for his services. Another feature of Italy is the presence of intermediaries. Multilayer real estate brokerage is a normal practice here. People often negotiate with real estate companies to attract customers for a certain fee. What is the danger for you? Usually it all ends with an increase in the cost of services for you: after all, the agency needs to “beat off” the commission that they gave to the intermediary for you.

2. If you have previously searched for real estate on the coast of France or Italy in Liguria, then you have probably come across online recommendations on how to look for a reliable Russian-speaking real estate agent through friends and people you can trust. On the one hand, it makes sense, but on the other ... Imagine that your friend bought an apartment in northern Italy with the help of some agent. At the same time, she was quite happy with the fact that the agent was sometimes delayed, did not always come to viewings, did not call back at a certain time, as promised. Perhaps a friend did not notice this, but are you ready to "forgive" such trifles?

It is unlikely that you will feel comfortable with a non-punctual person if you yourself are very serious about the agreements. When receiving recommendations from acquaintances about a real estate agent, try to clarify exactly what features of a professional realtor he liked, how a person solved problems, etc. It will be better if you contact several agencies on the Ligurian coast (since you want to buy real estate here) and get acquainted with several agents, find out as much information about them as possible, read online reviews about their work. Any more or less professional agency will take care of its reputation in Italy, and the names of good agents are always well-known among Russians.

3. Pay attention to how an agent speaks about his colleagues. Any envious sayings, annoying notes in the voice only indicate that the person himself is not too successful in his activities. Trusting this is definitely not worth it. And certainly he has little work, because collecting bad gossip and chatting about colleagues takes bad time. In general, I think you understand what we are writing about!

4. You can evaluate the agent’s professionalism by learning how it works. For example, our agency deals exclusively with real estate in Liguria and on the Cote d'Azur of France, and not as the bulk of intermediary agencies throughout Italy.

This is the Ligurian coast of Italy and France. We have no desire or opportunity to spray ourselves all over the country, but we know the local real estate market perfectly. This speaks about professionalism.

5. Pay attention to the cost of services in the agency. Of course, everyone loves to save. However, there are average prices for realtor services in Italy. A professional will not engage in dumping - these are the features of beginners and "amateurs."

6. It is IMPORTANT that the agency you want to trust has an office and a fixed location. Beware of anyone who works in apartments or whoever meets you at a cafe or a third-party real estate agency. Any self-respecting agency should have an office with staff, advertising, a personal website, etc.

I hope you enjoyed our short article and you probably know what to do when choosing Italian or French Russian-speaking real estate agencies!