How does geography affect the liquidity of real estate in Italy

If we consider the location, then it is more profitable to purchase real estate for subsequent sale in a large city, the capital. But this is in the event that you bought the object below its market value. This is fortune - such objects are scattered like hot cakes.

You can consider not the capital of Italy, but a large city: where infrastructure, educational institutions, theaters, cafes and restaurants are developed. In such places, the investor knows ahead of time that real estate will always be in demand.

Today, liquidity is the highest in certain major cities of Italy: Milan, Rome, Turin, Genoa.

As the pandemic has shown, the most demanded economic, business option is in demand among local residents, regardless of the tourist flow. Therefore, when buying a home for yourself, think about if there is some kind of crisis, then the object may lose liquidity if you focused primarily on foreigners. From experience I can say that excellent properties in the historical centers of the capital or a large city of Italy that meet the most modern requirements are not always liquid, since the local population is not so rich to buy, and it is difficult to count on visitors, they can find housing at more acceptable prices. Therefore, consider something in between: not the outskirts, not the city center, not the oldest and not the most modern. Then you can always sell to either local or immigrants.

In the next article we will talk about resort real estate, where to buy, so that you can sell later.