Was there a so-called “covid effect” on real estate in Italy?

Of course, the covid effect has generated and changed the demand for the Italian market: buyers and sellers are increasingly concerned about the quality and "purity" of real estate offers.

The trend is towards multi-purpose use of real estate, large homes and modular spaces. This is an obvious consequence of the needs created by the new lifestyle during the lockdown, which combined work, study, home and leisure.

Having the most livable homes in Italy is becoming a necessity, perhaps even with open spaces. The balcony, for example, is perceived as a vital area, as well as gardens and terraces. At the same time, however, sellers rely on the reality that people's purchasing power provides. In these difficult times, many have lost their jobs, suffered from the interruption of their professional activities.

In order to offer the best possible service during the renovation, the owners of Italian real estate are ready to listen to the needs of the client: if a purchase offer is already presented during the renovation of the property, they try to answer the requests received, as well as adapt the ongoing renovation to the needs of the buyer.