What awaits us in the near future on the Italian real estate market



The past 2020 brought not only adjustments to our lives, but, in truth, disrupted plans. I'm now talking about plans with the acquisition / sale of Italian real estate. For many, the priorities of both buyers and sellers have shifted.

Everyone understands that having overseas property at any time is an indicator of not only stability, opportunities and prestige, but also a reason to live abroad. Why buy overseas property? There are stable reasons: someone wants to invest money with further plans to receive income, someone plans to immigrate to a residence permit or permanent residence permit, and it’s just elementary to buy a dacha by the sea.

Someone has children and they need to be sent to study abroad in Italy, here is another reason for purchasing housing. And someone thinks about retirement from a young age, so a cozy house will not hurt)))

So how does real estate in Italy feel today and what are its prospects?

Unfortunately, but this is understandable, real estate experts cannot make up their minds and give a variety of predictions. But, unambiguously, resort real estate in Italy will remain in demand. The Italian Riviera, ancient cities with a long history will never be left without demand.

Life situations and motivations have always driven people, the need to purchase housing in Italy has always been and will be. But, based on the current situation, in the short term, the real estate market may lag behind previous years, but we are optimists. We believe in the best!

Undoubtedly, some reorientation will pass - demand will shift from an expensive segment to a more budgetary one. But for now, for foreigners who want to buy Italian real estate, the question is currently open to question))) - closed borders, the inability to be present at the transactions has suspended the process. Let's hope that all this will end soon and the ice will break, gentlemen!

But no matter what, I am your assistant and advisor in real estate matters. Our agency is always in touch!