Taxes in Italy compared to other European countries

Why is this topic important? Because real estate taxes are an important part of the family budget. Whether or not taxes are high in Italy compared to other EU countries, let's figure it out.

According to Eurostat (the Statistical Office of the European Union), it turns out that France is ahead of all countries in terms of the tax burden on real estate. It is followed by Great Britain, Belgium, Greece, Spain and Denmark.

What about Italy? According to the figures, Italy is in seventh place. And the rating is completed by Portugal and Poland.

Eurostat also points out that property taxes remain a very important item of tax collection in Europe. As is customary, the figures for tax collections are growing, which is very pleasing to the leaders of the states. In Italy, housing taxes currently account for about 6% of GDP. What pleases me is that the government is making efforts to attract the interest of the population to purchase real estate and provide all kinds of benefits and pleasant offers for future homeowners.