House rent-to-own - rent-to-own in Italy

Are you dreaming of buying a property in Italy, but almost falling short of your budget? Are you looking for different options for purchasing real estate? My advice: Consider rent-to-own, the best alternative to long-term rentals and property purchases.

What it is?

The option of renting a home with the option of purchasing a home is by far the easiest and most convenient way for those who want to buy a house and for the seller, and also has many advantages.

How is it formalized?

Buying a house with a lease option involves two contracts: a regular lease agreement, but at a cost of almost twice the usual price, and an option purchase agreement in 3-5 years.

If you are thinking of buying a rent-to-own property in Italy, you should seriously assess your options and to help you, I will prepare a list of the best tenants in the best places in Italy to buy real estate at your request.

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