Better than mountains can only be mountains in Calabria!

I love outdoor recreation, clean air, inspiration just asks for. I'm not a rock climber, but I love the mountains and the forest very much for their peace of mind.

That is why I want to tell you about the Aspromonte National Park (literally translated as "rough mountain"), which is in Calabria in the capital city of Reggio Calabria.

Italy is not famous for the sea alone, but if you are in Calabria then the mountains are a must-see. There are two National Parks here: Sila and Aspromonte. Each of them is super interesting!

You can get here by bus, by car (if you do not get seasick on mountain serpentines)

What to do in parks besides trekking

Take a funicular ride - the highest point offers a gorgeous view of the Strait of Messina and Sicily, and in sunny weather the Aeolian Islands are visible.

Walk through the forest on foot or on horseback in search of porcini mushrooms, edible chestnuts, look into the eyes of a wild boar, watch the flight of a hawk, or you can run into grazing cows.

Admire the waterfalls, there are many of them, and stop your breath from the beauty of the landscape from the observation deck.

And when you walk up, you can have a snack here at the height of a sandwich of smoked pork neck, sheep's cheese and mushrooms. Any dish with porcini mushrooms is a symbol of the mountains in Italy) I love restaurants in the mountains, they cook deliciously very spado fish, meat that is fried on your table.

If you get tired of the heat in summer, then move to the mountains - cool down!

Calabria is an amazing region where you can relax your body and soul!

Who was in Calabria? Did you go to the mountains?