Royal Palace of Venaria Reale in Turin

The Royal Palace of Venaria Reale in Turin is the main residence of the Savoy dynasty. Construction work began in the 17th century and continued for 21 years. The scale of the palace is impressive! Having already passed the entrance gate of the garden, you find yourself in the front courtyard, in the center of which there was a fountain. The facade of the palace, decorated with cornucopias, shells and fruits, catches the eye. During the war with Napoleon, French soldiers were stationed in Venaria, there were barracks in the halls of the palace, and military equipment was installed in the garden. Can you imagine what it looked like! But this is not the worst: Napoleon destroyed the palace building, park and nearby villages. Their reconstruction began only at the end of the 20th century. In 2007, La Venaria Reale was opened to the public. The palace of Diana, and its heart - the central hall of the same name, is decorated with stucco and allegorical images associated with hunting. Another masterpiece is the Sant'Uberto Chapel, named after the patron saint of hunters. The Great Stable of Juvarra is one of the most massive buildings of the complex and of the entire European Baroque. In the large park of Venaria there is a magnificent Italian garden of organized trees, hedges, plant sculptures, ponds of regular geometric shapes, fountains and statues. Yes, what to describe, it must be seen!