Sanremo and music

Can you imagine Italians without music? No, of course, Italy cannot live without a song! In 1951, in the Ligurian town of San Remo, a festival appeared quietly and imperceptibly, which was destined to become a symbol of the country's musical life. Here new hits were born, stars and song fashion were lit. Among the winners were still beloved Adriano Celentano, Toto Cutugno, Eros Ramazzotti.

The festival is the soul of Italy. It flourished and faded along with the whole country, it was not without scandals and impulsive changes. The presenters made risky jokes, even the orchestras periodically rioted. However, like Italy, the festival is always ready to make guests feel welcome. By the way, in Italy, the festival is still treated with great respect and ranked as an intangible national treasure, and it deserves it!

In the 1960s, the Soviet Union also learned about him, primarily from the participants. Records were released with their recordings. The TV did not broadcast the festival, the festival was hardly mentioned in the press. The first screening of the festival on Soviet television was by 1978

The pandemic has made adjustments and changed plans. In 2021, the 71st annual festival was held in March as always at the Ariston Theater. But this time the audience was not present at the performances of the artists. The winner was the rock group Maneskin with the song “Zitti e buoni

I still remember and often hum the songs that became popular in the post of San Remo. I love “Everyday Stories”, “The Promised Land” performed by Riccardo Fogli, “So It Will Be” by Al Bano and Romina Power. "If I fall in love" Riii e Believe and others.

What songs do you remember from the early years of the festival?