Let's take a walk in Italian Sardinia?

As the Italians living in Sardinia say: Sardinia is not Italy! Why strange? Let's figure it out! Life in this region is very different from everything Italian: cuisine, rhythm of life, mentality.

Have you heard the joke: “How do you relax? - "And we do not strain!" This is about the Sardis, about their calm, measured way of life.

And if you plunge into their lives, you will immediately understand that Sardinia is a paradise, and it was created for a paradise vacation. Everything is gorgeous here: hotels, houses, villas, infrastructure, white beaches and climate. Sardinia is very diverse, with towns and small villages scattered along the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean seas.

And now a question for filling. Where do centenarians live most of all? Sardinia, of course. More centenarians on the Japanese island of Okinawa. But I will not talk about him, he is very far from me.

So how else do the inhabitants of Sardinia differ from the Italians living in the south of the country? You know that Italians are very emotional, talkative and super active in life. And the sardis are fundamentally different from the typical southerners. Residents are a little wary of acquaintances, they look closely, ask a bunch of questions, feed, give water, but they do not open their souls right away.

Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia. The locals are proud of the history of the city and make such a strange cheese that only themselves can eat)))

What the residents are proud of: the ancient Roman amphitheater "Hundred Steps", which can accommodate up to 10 thousand spectators, the Punic necropolis of Tuvisheddu. Its name from Sardinian sounds like "hill of small holes": it is covered with numerous grave depressions.

I strongly advise all of you to come to Sardinia one day and experience for yourself all the beauty of this island. And at the same time get the local sard to talk!)