Real estate value analytics in Rome during the pandemic

Rome suffered less from negative price changes during the pandemic. Considering the city as a whole, there is a 3% change over the same quarter of the previous year. The demand for rent even increased by 8% in the capital.

As far as Rome is concerned, there is a clear interest in more peripheral and central areas, where prices have risen significantly.

The areas with the highest average demand coefficient in the capital, as in Milan, are peripheral.

Among them, in order of ranking TOP 5: Lido di Ostia, Torre Spaccata, Chesano, Spinaceto Tor de Senchi and Centocele. Least of all requests: Tor Servara, Ostia Antica, Mtallana Vecchia, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Colli Anuine.

Analyzing price changes, it turns out that among the areas that are focused on increasing rent the most: Ostia Antica ponds, Capannelle-Ciampino airport, Corcolle San Vitorino, Torre Gaia-Villa Verde Spinaceto-Tor de Senchi. Fixed prices for a significant decrease in central areas such as Trastevere, Prati Borgo, Piazza del Popolo-Piazza Navona Chirinale, Monti, Vatican (more and more -15%).