Veneto is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy

And, of course, the most visited! What attracts tourists here - romance, love! All the best from all of Italy is collected in all Veneto: narrow streets, medieval history, masterpieces of art. But all this is wonderful, but it is impossible not to mention its famous cities. These are the most romantic cities of Venice, Verona, Padua.

Many centuries ago, the Veneto region was an independent state with its own colonies. And now the most developed of the regions of Italy, the flow of tourists in good times was over 70 million a year !!!

Veneto also offers delicious cuisine, cozy atmospheric streets and shopping for fashionistas.

A bit of history, I'll try not to be boring.

Venice is loved by tourists, there is history at every turn! But the city especially attracts with canals, gondoliers, streets. The gravity of Venice is so great that Marco Polo, Eera Pound, Christian Doppler, as well as the famous composer Igor Stravinsky and the poet Joseph Brotsky wanted to bury themselves here.

Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, lies in the northeastern part of Italy.

And Padua !!! It is crowded, noisy, atmospheric, beautiful architecture, as, among other things, throughout Veneto. The city is also famous for the Sherdwoot Festival, which annually brought together talented musicians from many countries of the world. I hope that soon there will be music again on the streets of Padua.

The status of an elite resort in Veneto has been maintained by the beautiful Lake Garda since the time of Roman rule. The mild climate, warm atmosphere allows you to enjoy your vacation all year round.