Top great Italians in history

I once thought: Italy is great and full of famous people! These are the world's most famous artists, musicians, discoverers, trendsetters. In this article, let's remember a few.

Of course, the great Italian Leonardo Da Vinci is the most famous even for every schoolchild. He knew everything: in painting, music, he was an excellent engineer. He wrote many works on astrology. This is an example of a "universally human". Respect and admiration for the brilliant mind of Leonardo!

Galileo Galilei once exclaimed: and yet it turns, it is he about the rotation of the earth! Italian scientist, physicist, astronomer, philosopher, mathematician. Without which world science is unthinkable.

Who has read The Divine Comedy? Let's remember Dante Alighieri. He is called the creator of the Italian language and the author of many works on this subject.

Who was the rampant ladies' man and connoisseur of women in history? You guessed it, of course - this is Giacomo Casanova. Venetian seducer of women's hearts, adventurer, traveler and writer, author of the autobiography "The Story of My Life"

Giuseppe Verdi is the greatest of the great Italian musicians! His music is still heard all over the world! He has composed 26 operas, a requiem, a string quartet and several sacred pieces.

Michelangelo Buonarroti. One of the greatest masters of the Renaissance and early Baroque. For me, there were two geniuses in the history of Italy: Leonardo and Michelangelo. These are two of Italy's undeniable talents. Ardent disposition, talent and works that I admire!

Niccolo Paganini is a virtuoso violinist and composer. What music, so much life's tragedy in one person! And giving a concert on dangling strings also needs talent and willpower!

Alessandro Volta is a unit of measurement in physics named after him - Volt. An Italian scientist with interesting views and discoveries. He was both a chemist and physiologist, the founder of the theory of electricity. An Italian who deserves the title of genius!

Of course, these are not all outstanding Italians. I will definitely continue the list and tell you about other great people of Italy!