Italy is small and Italians have the most unique professions that they are proud of!

In addition to gondoliers, there are a dozen other professions that can be bravely labeled "Made in Italy". Today the most - the most professions about which few people know.

Parmesan cheese listener
You can check the quality of the world-famous Parmesan cheese not only by taste. In order to make sure that the cheese is of the correct shape and composition, specially trained people knock on the cheese head with a silver mallet to determine if the cheese meets the standard. I wish I could understand how real Parmesan should "sound"!

Swiss Guard
Despite their colorful uniforms, the Swiss Guard proudly bears the title of "guardians and defenders of the freedom of the Church." They came to Rome to defend the Catholic Church from foreign invaders in the early 16th century and stayed in the Vatican forever. Now these well-trained and well-trained guys delight the eyes of tourists.

The honorary status of a gondolier requires a number of training courses over several years, and this highly respected and romantic profession is often inherited. Gondoliers not only know how to row, but also sing romances under the balconies))) During the calm and recession in the number of tourists who want to ride the local water transport in Venice, strong men in striped T-shirts and hats happily pose for the camera for passers-by.

Modena Balsamic Vinegar Taster
Bottles filled with the world famous balsamic vinegar from Modena can cost hundreds of euros, making the production of this product a real art. Tasters study for a long time all the intricacies and subtleties of evaluating an unusual vinegar, in order to decide whether the vinegar is ready to appear on the counter.