An interesting Italian place in the Tuscany region. You were there?

What do Italians do when it's hot? They travel to the thermal springs of Saturnia in the south of the Tuscany region. Saturnia is the most famous spa center. Already the ancient Romans heard about the healing properties of the water of this natural thermal spring and appreciated them.

Hydrogen sulfide water, naturally useful, not hot, there is a smell of sulfur. The temperature is 37.5 °, this is an ideal temperature norm, such water does not need to be cooled or heated, a person feels comfortable in it. Women love to smear themselves with healing mud, she is next to each other. It's like in a fairy tale I dived into hot milk, that is, I got smeared with mud and for several dozen years that had disappeared)))

Despite the fact that there is a club for wealthy seniors nearby, with golf courses and stables, the baths are completely free.

Not everyone knows that the baths can be visited at any time of the day or night. In this place, they don't even pay for parking a car. Word of mouth spreads word of mouth, which has led to a flow of not only Italians, but also foreign tourists.

What to do here? Come at least half a day, at least for the whole day. Bring your parasol, sunscreen and sun lounger with you.

As all thermal waters heal many diseases, but almost everything!))) Especially useful for joints. But in everything you need a measure, you should limit yourself in the time spent in such water. Or take breaks.

If you decide to hang out here all day, then there is a cafe nearby where you can have a bite to eat with wonderful panini and tramezzini.

By the way, parking is fine here, as I said, and it's free.

I have not yet said about the landscapes, they are magical here! From the water, mud and beauty around you will definitely gain strength, energy and you can run home with your legs!)))

Well, what did I persuade you to dive into the baths on hot days?