Extending a residence permit in Italy - what are the requirements


You have decided to extend your residence permit in Italy, this article will help you. I am always ready to share the secrets of Italian law !. Today we will talk about the requirements for the renewal of the residence permit by the authorities.

Please: no language proficiency test required! But it's better to teach, it will come in handy when you decide to get permanent residence. When you have lived in Italy for more than five years, they will ask you!))

The extension of a residence permit in Italy takes on average 60 days, but it can be delayed for various reasons. You must have sufficient finances and not have problems with law and order.

Terms of submission of the request:

-60 days before the expiration of the residence permit, if it was issued for a year and 30 days before, if issued before a year

If, for any situation, you have not invested in these terms, then be prepared to prove to the authorities the seriousness of the reasons.

Now about the requirements for extending a residence permit:

-Income. The Italian Questura assesses how an immigrant can support himself - he will have a job and income. And, as a rule, this is at least 5977.79 euros per year (the amount of social benefits). Moreover, the income of the whole family is taken into account.

If you have an illegal job and want to show it, because there is not enough income for the main job, then troubles begin. No one will just take these incomes into account for you, checks will begin in all authorities and the extension of the residence permit may be delayed. But you can try.

-Presence (absence) of previous convictions

-Your marital status is taken into account

-How long have you lived in Italy

-Relatives in Italy and much more.

Reasons for refusing to extend a residence permit - if the immigrant is an unreliable citizen, problems with the police, copyright violations.

And the last one - at the cost of services. how much it will cost to renew a residence permit in Italy can be checked at the police station. Well, if anything, I will help you, contact me!