Walk in Italian Umbria with the capital in Perugia

What is Umbria? These are wide green valleys that stretch around.

Do you love nature and sip wine while contemplating beautiful landscapes in the distance? Then this is the place for you!

Umbria is famous for its local wines and truffle hunting. Yes, the region has no access to the sea, but this is not a minus, but rather an alternative to a beach holiday.

The historically famous Tiber flows here with its tributaries and streams that feed the land of the region with useful minerals.

Umbria is a series of mountain peaks, which makes the climate varied: winters are cold and summers sultry. It rains frequently here, in particular in the Apennines. There are practically no winds on the flat terrain, and the climate is favorable for abundant vegetation.

What can you see here? Excellent and not very well preserved medieval castles that speak of the greatness of the rulers and the brutal wars in this region. Anyone who wishes can find the buildings of the Etruscans and ancient Romans.

Be sure to visit the Church of San Francesco in Assisi, the Cathedral of Orvieto and San Lorenzo in Perugia.

If you are an art lover, there are many museums in Umbria dedicated to the history and culture of the area.

For lovers of mountains and mountain landscapes, real estate in Umbria will be an excellent option: there are beautiful villas and estates with the best views of the mountain peaks.

The region of Umbria is also considered a place where they love to listen to jazz: festivals and concerts dedicated to jazz performers are often held.

A must visit this region!