Fiat test track in Turin

Turin is not only a very beautiful Italian city with famous sights! But if you are looking for non-standard entertainment, then I will tell you where to go!

This tour will be especially interesting for car fans. Think of the famous auto concern Fiat Lingotto and its super cars. Yes. the car factory is now closed and turned into a shopping center with hotels, but !!! you can visit and see its most unique feature - a real rooftop racing track!

Fiat Lingotto's factory was built in 1916 and is designed in such a way that every step of the car production process was organized in one room6 from supplying raw materials directly to the door to testing on the track, which was located on the roof of the building. Fiat production began on the lower floors and the cars climbed up the floors along the winding internal ramp, according to the technological process. Finally, brand new cars are driven onto the roof of the building where the test track was and is, and are being driven and tested before being delivered to dealerships for sale.

The roof with the racing track and the long spiral ramp for the descent of cars are fully preserved and open to visitors. You can see all this with your own eyes! This attraction is of little interest to locals, but for tourists this historical place is suitable for a photo with a beautiful panoramic view of Turin.

By the way, the Fiat test track at the top of the building was filmed in the 1969 film Italian Work with Michael Caine, which was filmed in Turin. One of the locations for the chase scene was the Fiat plant in Turin.

Yes, you will not be able to ride with the breeze on the test track, but you can easily climb to it and imagine yourself to be the great Felice Bonetto mentally finish in Formula 1

Head to the huge Lingotto building next to Lingotto Metro Station. To continue the theme, visit the nearby Automobile Museum, which is one of the best museums to visit in Italy.