Home maintenance in Italy: what do we pay for?


What do payments for real estate in Italy include?

Communal payments

The amount depends on the region in which the property is located, the size of the area, infrastructure. If we roughly estimate, then about 500-1500 euros per year. It's like comparing: an inexpensive apartment in Calabria and a super apartment in a prestigious complex in Tuscany - a communal apartment depends on the standard of living in the region.

What is a condominium fee

This is when you live in a residential complex and it is run by a partnership of owners. This partnership is responsible for everything that is in the residential complex: elevators, swimming pool, adjoining grounds, stairs, etc. They manage costs themselves: they hire and pay repairmen, janitors, cleaners and other necessary personnel for maintenance. The fee for a condominium is scattered proportionally between all owners and the size depends on the size of the thousandths (of the footage in a given house) and the equipment of the complex.

Required resources: water, gas, electricity, internet

Rates vary by vendor and region. If the central supply of water and heating is the total cost of the condominium. Water is often included in the price of the condo. And also heating, but a certain coefficient). But, as a rule, heating is individual with electricity and gas.


Insurance in Italy is a prerequisite when purchasing real estate on a mortgage, we advise everyone to insure their real estate when buying. And in other cases, at will. On average, insurance costs 400 euros per year.

How are utility bills paid? As well as taxes: through a bank, company websites or through management companies.

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